Flagship Advising

Opportunities exist for students to become more engaged in foreign language learning. As educators, you can impact students of any language by providing them with information on opportunities for intensive language study. Teachers, Guidance Counselors, and Student Advisors can provide students with information on the Flagship program using the following:

Even if your district does not offer a critical language, know that students of any language background or true beginners with motivation should consider The Language Flagship. 

We encourage all K–12 educators and advisors to inform their peers and students about federal K–12 opportunities. Though your school district or school may not offer a Language Flagship K–12 program, there are still many opportunities available for students across the country through the STARTALK and NSLI-Y programs.

Click here to read more about these partner programs and to see what opportunities are available for your students and teachers to learn a critical language in-country or overseas. If you are contemplating starting a program, STARTALK also offers teacher development programs.