Government and Business

The Language Flagship produces students with professional-level language ability and practical experience overseas using their language skills. Flagship’s goal is to produce graduates who can operate successfully in positions requiring professional use of a given target language. Flagship students pursue a variety of majors alongside their language study and are well-equipped to provide intercultural insights to your organization. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from hiring a Flagship Certified graduate.


The Language Flagship develops both language equipped professionals and second language acquisition methodologies much needed by the U.S. government. Flagship graduates of the 25 Language Flagship programs seek out government service where they can use their language expertise to address national and economic security needs.


As a partnership between the government, business, and the academic sectors, Flagship’s goal is to better prepare individuals that can meet the challenges of a multi-national marketplace. Flagship Certified Professionals will add a competitive edge with language and culture skills combined with professional overseas experience.