Core investments by Flagship are improving foreign language learning by promoting:

  • Articulation – developing instructional programs that provide pathways that effectively transition students not only year to year, but from one educational environment to the next. Primary transitions are from Elementary to Secondary, and from Secondary to post-secondary.
  • Curriculum Enhancement – Flagship curricula begins with the idea that all students should have a meaningful foreign language learning experience. The curricula developed by the Flagship K–12 initiative are flexible enough to be adapted to any school environment and provide a student centered and communicative approach with multiple entry points for language learning.
  • Dual-Language Immersion – Elementary programs committing the teaching resources to dual language (one half day in English and the other half in the target foreign language) need guidance and research on how to most effectively use the instructional day/year to maximize language usage and acquisition.
  • Language Pedagogy – Meaningful foreign language learning is the result of improved teaching techniques. Flagship language instruction is student-centered, highly communicative and outcome focused.
  • Learning Methodology – K–12 foreign language classrooms face the challenge of large enrolments that overlook the differences in learning styles. Flagship’s approach to meeting the instructional needs of individual learners starts with understanding the learning style for each student. Using communicative approach techniques instructors are able to discern and identify the needs of the individual.
  • Teacher Preparation – The Language Flagship fosters partnerships between institutions of higher education, state and local education organizations, and associations to facilitate in-service opportunities for teachers to participate in workshops, webinars and other professional development activities.