The Language Flagship network of 25 programs at 21 institutions of higher education represent the highest concentration of expertise and language training to the professional level, outside of the government. The graduates of these programs have experienced the most intensive and immersive language instruction available to American students. This highly structured program provides the students with direct experience learning and working in an overseas setting. As graduates of these programs the students understand what is expected and what is appropriate in a Chinese or Brazilian or Russian work environment. These are skills that can only be acquired through direct experience. Thus, these programs provide not only highly-skilled graduates, but graduates possessing well-developed cultural expertise. The institutions that provide this training and these graduates are looking to partner with businesses.

Flagship was developed to be a partnership between government, education and business. Over the past decade, Flagship has cemented the relationship between government and education. Flagship continues to expand partnerships with the business sector. The key to this partnership is mutual understanding of benefits. For business, the benefit is having partners that can provide a steady supply of language-enabled professionals that add to their global competiveness. For the academic sector, it is being able to show incoming students a compelling network of alumni, and a compelling future.

Partership With Flagship

Each Flagship program and institution seeks to develop relationships with businesses. These relationships can take many forms. These include, but are not limited to:

  • On-campus recruiting and information sessions, formal and informal internship experiences, sponsoring scholarships for Flagship students
  • Businesses should contact individual programs and campuses directly to find the partner that can best meet their needs.

Language Roadmaps

The Language Flagship has supported six state Language Roadmap initiatives to date. The Language Flagship is committed to supporting these and other state-level initiatives to develop the multilingual workforce necessary for American economic competitiveness and national security.