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The Language Flagship is committed to continuing its investment in advancing language learning in the U.S. for the long term and, accordingly, requires evidence of significant institutional commitment to support and sustain institutional Flagship efforts. The Language Flagship only commits to long-term funding for programs if the host institutions demonstrate a similar commitment to support the language education infrastructure required for institutionalization and sustainment of these efforts. Institutional support must be demonstrated by a clear commitment of financial support to core operations of the project.


2020-2024 Flagship Grant Competition Results

The Language Flagship and the National Security Education Program are pleased to announce the results of the Flagship open competition for domestic and select capstone programs.  Flagship has awarded 31 new grants representing 23 institutions across 19 states new grants for the 2020-2024 Language Flagship cycle. More information about the competition results is available here.


Open RFPs

Teacher Training Workshop Series: Flagship Student Videos

The Language Flagship is seeking proposals to develop Flagship Teacher Training Workshops and modules. These workshops and modules must focus on understanding the advanced levels of language proficiency; and how to move students from the intermediate to the advanced and professional levels of language proficiency. The successful applicant will utilize videos from the Flagship Video Project as a core aspect of the training. More information on how to access the videos is provided within the solicitation.

This solicitation to create in-person and/or virtual professional development opportunities is open to Institutions of Higher Education that currently host a Flagship Domestic Program. Proposals are due at 4:30 p.m. (ET), Friday, March 5, 2021. 

Flagship Video Project Guidelines (PDF)

Flagship Video Project Budget Template (Excel)

Questions regarding this solicitation were submitted by email to IIE on February 17, below is attached the question responses:

Teacher Training Workshop Series Flagship Student Videos RFP - Questions and Answers (PDF) - Updated February 19, 2021


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