2020-2024 Flagship Grant Competition Results

The Language Flagship Program is pleased to announce the results of the Flagship open competition for the 2020-2024 Language Flagship Grant Cycle.  We selected 31 applicants representing 23 institutions across 19 states new grants for the 2020-2024 Language Flagship cycle. 

 The selected institutions have demonstrated the commitment to producing high proficiency students ready to become the next generation of global professionals.  Grantees represent a diverse set of institutions, both small and large, rural and urban, Senior Military Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions.  The Language Flagship builds on the success of strong language programs by supporting classroom and extra-curricular efforts that encourage communication, collaboration and a shared approach to excellence. These 31 grantees will build on the Flagship principles to prepare students for their overseas capstone experience and careers in national security and other international fields.

 The list below includes the successful applicants awarded funding.

2020-2024 Flagship Awardees

Arabic - Brigham Young University

Arabic - Indiana University

Arabic - University of Arizona

Arabic - University of Maryland

Arabic - University of Mississippi

Arabic - University of Texas, Austin

Chinese - Arizona State University

Chinese - Brigham Young University

Chinese - Hunter College

Chinese - Indiana University

Chinese - San Francisco State University

Chinese - University of Hawaii

Chinese - University of Minnesota

Chinese - University of Mississippi

Chinese - University of North Georgia

Chinese - University of Oregon

Chinese - University of Rhode Island

Chinese - University of Washington

Chinese - Western Kentucky University

Korean - University of Hawaii

Persian - University of Maryland

Portuguese - University of Georgiae

Portuguese - University of Texas, Austin

Russian - Bryn Mawr College

Russian - Indiana University

Russian - Portland State University

Russian - University of California, Los Angeles

Russian - University of Georgia

Russian - University of North Carolina

Russian - University of Wisconsin

Russian - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

A complete list of these grantees can be accessed here